Fraser was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was always
interested in art but after High School the lure of Whistler and skiing was too strong
to resist. He lived in Whistler off and on for eight years. During the winter he would
ski and snowboard working as a ski lift mechanic and Snow Maker to support his love
for the sport of snow. During the summer he hiked and biked working on the trail
crew getting the ski trails ready for the winter and saving for new equipment.

Finally he tired of this and decided to follow his ignored artistic talents. Attending
Malaspina College in Nanaimo, BC for three years studying Graphic Design, he came
to realize that this was not his calling. He signed up and became a 'Permitee' of the
I.A.T.S.E. Union which enabled him to be called as a Scenic Painter in the very busy
Vancouver Film Industry. Eventually he worked his way through the ranks and
became a full member of the Union.

Fraser would come home after working very long hours and needed a way to relax. He
began working with wood. Initially he searched through Windsor Plywood for odd
bits of burl wood and other unique woods, but that became expensive so he turned to
eBay. He bought a beautiful piece of maple from a couple in Chilliwack, BC. After
picking up the wood a friendship developed. They showed him their lathe and
workshop. Soon he had purchased a lathe of his own was soon creating incredible
bowls, plates and other beautiful items.

Fraser eventually began running out of space to store all of his completed bowls so he
signed up for a few Christmas craft fairs in 2003 at the urging of his family and
friends. His work was well received and at his fair in West Vancouver he almost
completely sold out!

Recently he was accepted as an Artist with “Circle Craft” which is a Co-Operative
Shop and Gallery in Granville Island, Vancouver. He is now selling his pens through
their store and soon online!
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